Agni EDM Wire

Agni EDM Wire is made only with high purity metals. The surface is extremely clean because it is treated with special paraffin technology and also it has excellent straightness of wire to ensures great auto-rethreading rate detail


Agni EDM Filter


Water And Oil Filter

The filters are produced to exacting standards using state of the art equipment. Quality and innovation are at the heart of the manufacturing process and guaranteed to deliver world class performance and value on even your toughest applications.



The Ion Exhange Resin

The resin has premium quality in balancing anions and kathions for EDM-application.





EDM Copper, EDM Graphite, Aluminium Alloy

EDM High Purity Copper, EDM Graphite, and Aluminium Alloy



Electrode Tube ( Brass / Copper Tube )

AGNI Citra Perkasa's brass tube/ copper tube has presize size, smooth, clean, straight and reliable quality.


Rust Remover

Rust Remover is an ideal additive for mixing with the deionised water for wire erosion machines.The rust remover is non-polluting, does not affect the deionisation, the filtration and does not gum the valves. It reliably prevents the formation of rust on your expensive work pieces, and has no effect on the water treatment plant



Wire EDM and Spare Part

AGNI Citra Perkasa's high quality Wire EDM spare parts are made in Japan and we also have good quality Wire EDM spare parts for a better price.


Carbon, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide

AGNI Citra Perkasa provides various size carbon, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide for mechanical seal application.